• otaku replied 6 years ago

      Looks good. Fujimi’s Tomcat is more detailed than Hasegawa’s in 1/72.

      I do the main body color first, mask it off with paper cut-outs and masking tape, and do the smaller areas next.

    • That is a good method…took me half a day to clean up the boo..boos from last week..not easy cleaning black paint off..especially on the gray..but I happy with the result..

    • otaku replied 6 years ago

      If possible, paint the parts in different colors separately. If not possible, then masking tape.

    • otaku replied 6 years ago

      If the model has a camouflage, I prime only the putty the same color as the unpainted plastic color so as not to have too many layers of paint. if the model has a single main color like F-14, I prime the whole thing before main color.

      In your case, I’d prime it light gray first, optionally pre-shade panel lines (fine airbrush, no need for perfect straight lines), paint thin body color to show some preshading, glossy coat, panel line wash, decals, & flat coat.

      Primer should be the same shade of the color coat. i.e. light gray for light colors, dark gray for dark colors, etc.

    • otaku replied 6 years ago

      One more thing, get a Wave scriber, tape along the panel line with duct tape, lightly scribe the sanded-off panel lines back, increase pressure a bit every time until you get the panel back.

      If the surface is flat, use a ruler.

    • Wave scriber…?? I have a Tamiya line scriber…but it’s hard to use on some of the area..So..I made my own line scriber…Used a needle pin and insert it into my hand drill as a handle..Tks for the tips you have been posting for me…
      I am at the decal stage..hope to get it done this week..and then on to the carrier deck base..

    • otaku replied 6 years ago

      I think they might be the same thing. Needles are too fine as the paint may cover them up completely.

      Looks like I might be the last one to cross the finish line.

    • Ohh…how so..? I thought I would be the last to cross the line..hahaha..keep up your good work..

    • otaku replied 6 years ago

      I’m on multiple projects. Not a day gone by I’m not building a model. I’m still waiting on the last upgrade item to arrive. The exhaust nozzles for the Flanker D.

      Also, I’m trying something new on this build. Maybe the most difficult yet for me at least. I’m sure you already knew that building for a home collection is different from building for a competition. Like training for health vs training for competition. I don’t build my models like this normally. At most, a pre-colored cockpit PE or out of the box (no modifications).

    • Haha..know the feeling..Once I am done with the F-14..I will start on my MG ZZ…
      I got the decals all done on the F-14..Next will be the panel lines…shading/weathering..and get the carrier deck build too…pic to come…