• Zeta Gundam posted an update 9 years ago

    alright hey guys… a little bit annoyed at the moment because i just received my compressor and airbrush but they gave me the wrong compressor.

    I ordered this one

    but they gave me this one..

    I was wondering was it worth it to get it exchange, or is the one that they gave me as good or better?? for painting my gunpla!!!

    please advised, thanks

    • I own the one you wanted but the one you received looks and is better according to the specs.If i was you i keep this one.The one you have seems to be better finished and has some extra features -always according to specs.But it seems you got a lucky draw.Test it and let us know.

      • It can’t be seen properly on the auctions pics but in order to use it properly ,you’ll have to couple an extra pressure regulator in order to change the air pressure to fit your needs.
        I can’t see on the photos if this one needs it but the normal is had one.Maybe this one has another incorporate to regulate the air flow.Normally the compressor’s gauge shows the inner tank pressure not the air flow.This one needs to be regulate with another pressure regulator.Hope it helped.

        • yo hey man thanks for commenting.

          Did the one you have now, (the one that i was supposed to get). did you have to get another pressure regulator for it? or did it come with it alreadY?

          • Hi,no i actually had to couple one that i ahve from my old compressor ,a big 25 l work beast ,loudy and bulky.Has i told you i can’t see it properly on the pics but it seems that it is the case.That is a thing that pisses me off measure,the people that sell this stuff never advertises that it needs it but it needs it.How do you low the pressure to 10 psi if you have no control on the air flow?To know,try to paint with it ,check if you can low the air flow by adjusting the wheel.If ou see it doesn’t move/work it is because it needs another air regulator.I’ll make a pic of mine gimme a sec.To you have an idea.