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    Just finished letting the top coat dry overnight.

    • Nice! Was it easy?

      • Yeah and a lot of fun too! I wanna start on my next one the HGUC RX-93 V-Gundam but I need some more supplies first.

        • Glad it worked out! Do you have any tips on how to do it? This is my first time flat coating a model.

          • I separated the legs, arms, weapons, head, torso ect. at placed them on one of those long toothpicks on a spot that wont be coated attached with a little bit of sticky-tac to hold it and then stuck them on a cardboard box to hold them up. one by one id spray each side back then forth once and started the spray off of the piece and then moved onto it to get a even coating. then i just let it dry for 24hrs before i placed it back together. make sure its ventilated and try not to breath it in.

            • Thanks. If you use rattle cans, I would suggest using a respirator. The fumes are toxic, and repeated exposure can harm you.