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    Question of the week: Which Gundam / Sci-Fi model kit would you like to pilot?

    • The VF-25 tornado messiah

    • its a battle between Astray Red Frame and Deathscythe Hell

    • Part of me wants to say Ground Gundam, part of me wants to say Unicorn Gundam, part of me wants to say VF-11 Thunderbolt. Pick your favorite, I could do any of the above.

    • I would go with the crossbone x-1 full cloth 😮 that muramasa blaster, but another answer thats not a give away from my profile picture is probably the hi-nu 🙂

    • gonna have to go with the freedom

    • Shining Gundam, no question. The nostalgia and it is obviously the leveled up version of the FACEPALM GUNDAM!

    • Well its between VF-25 tornado messiah and the Nu Gundam

    • I would pilot Strike Freedom because it’s fast, strong and has bunch of guns. I can’t go wrong

    • This will certainly be an odd ball of the group, but I would like to pilot good ole White Devil. Yes the only mecha design with a lady killer mustache. My reasoning is the simplistic yet comedic design of the suit including the crotch pit instead of a normal cock pit and features such as carrying nuclear weapons in the chest cavities. The curvature of the legs and arms along with the back view and line detail. This by far would get the coolest response. It can kick your tail but look like a gentleman.

      • Im unfamiliar with this gundam….
        what’s the difference between a “Crotch Pit” and a “Cock Pit”?

        • It is from the Turn A Gundam series, though they rarely called it Turn A. If you look up pictures you will see what I mean by a crotch pit lol. Where most pilots in the Gundam series are in the chest of the mobile suit, this particular model the pilot is in a clear dome literally at the crotch of the mobile suit.

    • Strike Freedom for me 🙂 love the design of it specially all controllable pins and guns

    • freedom gundam! favorite gundam of all time

    • Zaku II. Because canon wise, it was the MS that started it all. The One year War. And it was the MS that got me into gundam, even before I knew what gundam was.

    • Wing gundam, simply because that was the very first gundam I ever saw and it was just to amazing. Oh and it transforms 🙂

    • I’d want to pilot any of those gundams with a nuclear reactor inside it for a power source (Freedom/StrikeFreedom/Justice or any of the high tier seed gundams).
      See it won’t run out of juice in the middle of a battle, i can keep it under my house and draw power from it for my stuff, and if i’m ever in a pinch i’d self-destruct and kill everyone in the blast radius of my nuke!

    • i gotta say that fly a valkyrie would be awesome. but my heart is with gundam, and i always loved the GP04 Gerbera design, so that is my first choice, also piloting the hi nu gundam would rock.

    • Turn A so I can play with the moustache like a Victorian aristocrat!!

    • The Koenig Monster from Macross Frontier. I don’t even need to pilot it, just letting me fire the main cannon is more than enough.

    • Deathsythe hell

      • Because the first time I saw it on cartoon network It look like the coolest thing I ever saw. For some reason I always thought Batman should be piloting this thing.

    • Heavy Arms Gundam Custom; Because of all the missiles and guns.

    • VF-25 Super Pack, no question!

    • SINANJU! coz it’s awesome!

    • Most definitely the Red Frame Delta Kai…. why??? Cos there’s TWO katanas, baby!!! Time to cut them heads off!

    • Wing Zero Custom, “Let me confirm, your shelter shield is activated?” hehehe, plus you know angel wings and all that.

    • Strike Freedom – Love the beam spam. Also, it would be awesome to attach the suit to the METEOR unit for even more weapon options.

    • Deathscythe Hell ANIME VERSION! It has a double beam scythe and can become invisible, how cool can you get!?! Anybody who has played DW Gundam 3 knows how cool it is!

    • Depends on what side I’m on but its either the GM Sniper 2 or Gelgoog Cannon.

    • I want to pilot the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. The very cool cockpit, you can see the outside full 360. Feels like you are the gundam itself. Cool transformation to Destroy Mode. I’m not a New Type but I know that I am more suited to pilot it and I am sure I can bring out its full potential more than Banagher Links can. XD

    • The Ball!!!

    • VF-25 Armored Messiah so i can just spam missile all day long 😀

    • Zero from anime would probably go crazy trying to kill my true enemy

    • 00 Qan[T] would be awesome to pilot I think

    • dendrobium because it is the most awesome gundam ever and it super huge