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    Probably an unreasonable hope, but I’d love to see a PG Kshatriya and an RG Dendrobium (more details, more use-able missile pods, effect parts and aids, better/higher display stand, etc. etc.)~! 😛

    Haha, sorry! New here and to gunpla in general! 🙂

    • maybe we’ll get arg gp03 stamen and if that happened bandai would probably rerelease the dendrobium but with rg decals and maybe it would be molded in slightly different colors

      • Would it be hoping too much if they just released a conversion kit with new parts and decals instead of a full re-release? 😛

        • Knowing bandai’s cost cutting measures yes but also think about the fact that it would cost us a down payment for a car and it would probably be P-bandai or worse a b-club resin kit that would be released under the radar with an even more extravagant price tag but i think we are likely to get an rg gp03 stamen

    • yeah it really sucks cause that’s my favorite favorite version of the unicorn and the only one the really pushes me to build one but I dont have $400 plus shipping to spend on a pg that should absolutely be a standard release whether it be a whole kit or a parts set and it really bums me me out that i’m gonna miss out on that kit like i did the red zeta, mega bazooka, tall-geese III. maybe one day they’ll re-release it cause that is In my opinion the most impressive perfect grade out there, and its really disappointing considering we’ve already held a standard for option parts and included accessories with standard releases like the Pg GP01 and the also great but somewhat oddball Pg strike Rouge and from a buisness standpoint I would really like bandai to reconsider a standard release.