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    Do you think we will ever get a MG Zock. It is the only suit that we have not gotten yet from the original anime. Some might argue that it is a more of a mobile armor than a mobile suit, but I think it would make a great MG.

    • The Zock might not be very popular kit Iam afraid. That is a shame.

      • *shrug* People have said the same about Gogg, and Acguy, and Guntank…

        • thing is, the acguy and the guntank have MG’s, the MG i want to see is the Capule, Hy-gogg, and Efreet.

          • My point is that there was a time (admittedly, a long time ago now) when MG Gogg, Acguy, and Guntank didn’t exist, and people could only wonder if those wonky old designs would ever make it to MG release. People were skeptical about whether the designs were actually popular enough to merit MG releases.
            But all three came out eventually.

    • I have 2 of the 3 you just named lol

    • yeah, to complete the progent V, having those model made by now it could be too much to ask for the gundam origins version? in other hand I agree with the MG Efreet and capule, but the acguy is a very popular MS there is the MG, hg and variants, the acguy apeared on keroro anime too. mmmm I think that the Hazel gundam needs a MG soon, it could be a very good to get all the versions on 1/100 too!.