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    Since our beloved site is down, I’ve got a question for you people: MG Gundam Origin Ver. or RG Gundam? Looking for the more fun build, more poseability, etc.

    • You’d probably be better off with the Origin MG kit.

    • I would go with the MG Gundam Origin Ver.. Though, that’s only because I have a bias towards both MG’s and the design of the RX-78-02 Gundam from Gundam: The Origin.

    • Why RG? Why not MG RX-78-2 ver.3? Its mor fun than the RG, it’s bigger therefore it is more fun and durable to do many poses. As for MG Origin, don’t like it, overall design is just too plain for me, yes it has lots off gimmick weapons, but doesn’t work for me.

      • The 3.0 beats the origin version, eh? I only looked at the 3.0 briefly. They seem to be the same price, so maybe I’ll go for that instead. Is there a waterslide decal set for it?

        • Apart from backpack cannon, silly shoulder gatling gun, 3.0 beats the origin all the way to the bone. It has more armor detail, inner frame detail, articulation and the most critical of all, it has Core Fighter which is make it a Gundam. Nope, no water slide decal, both of them.

    • SO anyway to find out how long it’s going to be gone? like an Admin?

      • Don’t know really. I talked to Thwalker13 on Skype earlier, but he doesn’t seem to know. Normally when a blackout happens on our site, it’s up the site owners (in this case McGundam and GSaM) to hire someone to fix the problem. We used to have our own on-site technician, but he left a few years ago. So anyone know somebody who’s good at website and server maintenance.