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    Have been verrry busy with school these past months, but finally! With winter holidays I can finally post again!
    I can’t really do topcoating because, well its cold outside and my parents get reallly mad when I do it inside, If I ever get around to doing it I will post more pics. I also need to do a little cleanup on the blue lining, some of the chrome in the paint has been smudging.
    The blue paint is Metallic Blue Gundam Marker and the gold parts are also Gundam markered. I’m still deciding whether to paint the claw Gold or Metallic blue.
    So here it is my (Maybe) completed “RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02-Banshee Norn Final Battle Custom [Unicorn Mode-Psycho Frame Initialized]” (My friend came up with the name, wanted to go for the longest name ever. XD)