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    Hi all, I’ve been sharing these on Instagram (@philliptanyh) and thought I should share them with my buddies here. This is the first batch and I hope to eventually share every single Gunpla in my collection (295 as of now)… Hope you like this style of high-key photography!

    • nice 🙂
      and you got 295 gunpla’s wow 😮
      I only have like 12 xD

    • That’s awesome mate.

    • Very nice!

    • Wow, 295 is a lot! 😀 They should have a group pic altogether LOL! 😀

    • @philliptan, You know what Bro? So far, these pictures are the best I’ve seen here. Seriously, these are freaking awesome! The pictures look like pages of a gunpla magazine. Great talent Bro! 😀

      • Kuya @projectx1125 haha u are too kind bro… I just wish I had time to develop a talent for modifying Gundams like the pros in GBWC and then these photos would really look great. Sadly I’m an old man haha with my oldest being a teenager next yr so time is not available to me right now. So I make do with what I have. Thanks again kuya!

        • LOL! If you think you’re that old then I should be the one calling you Kuya! haha! @philliptan Kuya pertains to an older brother or when you address a male stranger that you dont know the name. In opposite you say “Ate” to an older sister same thing with a female stranger. 😀 Kuya Phillip maganda ang mga pictures ng gunpla mo. ^_^v

          Being an old man? naah, I disagree on that, for me no one is too old for gunpla. You don’t have to be like the pros, surely they can make anything look really good, but we all have speciality, like you, you are good in using your gundam markers “The Gundam Markering Technique” haha! I’ve seen a lot of your work and i say there is simplicity and they are all admirable and to others it may serve as an inspiration, especially for those who have limited access to tools and paints and other stuff.

          • @projectx1125 I knew kuya and ate (both related to the Chinese dialect of Hokkien – ge ya and ah jie) but always thot it was a sign of respect regardless of age… so how do I address a younger male or female?

            • In the old days, besides kuya and ate, there are some other ways on how brothers and sisters address themselves, like Ingkong, Diko, Ditse, etc,. I cant remember the other terms but in chinese its like 1st Brother, 2nd Brother, 3rd Brother, 1st Sister, 2nd Sister, etc,… I other dialects others addresses Manong for kuya and Manang for Ate. 🙂 @philliptan

              • @projectx1125 ya these words are definitely from Hokkien, of which neighbouring Taiwan speaks, eg, ditse sounds exactly like 2nd sister in Hokkien. Interesting!

                • @philliptan Its probably because the Chinese merchants were one of the first people who traded with Filipinos specifically in Manila and eventually most of them resided there and started their business and some of them married Filipinos passing their culture and traditions. In fact in Binondo, Manila there is a place we call China Town. We were greatly influenced by the Chinese and the Spaniards as well.

            • Looks awesome man.

    • Great looking kits @philliptan! Never heard of the Hazel ones, should try to keep an eye out for those now.

      • Thanks bro @superxvegito! Yeah the Hazels are really cool looking kits. Fun builds too!

        • Sounds great! Saw there are 3 of them on HLJ so may have to add at least 1 of them with my RG Destiny when they are restocked next month. Also saw the RX-78-4 & 5 have MGs and they have piqued my interest too. Decisions, decisions…. 😛

          Hopefully I’ll finally get some time to finish my HG Wing Gundam. Only halfway done (still >.<) but got some panel lining in today. Football season is almost over so I should have my weekends back to working on kits again. Lol!

          • @superxvegito are they all in stock? I’m missing their brother the Advanced Hazel and the last I checked, it was out of stock. Will hv to check that out, thanks mate.

            yeah 78-4 and -5 are sweet MGs and not too expensive too!

            It’s winter, why do you still have football lol… they’re gonna freeze their balls off. Haha…

    • Really really nice work. Man 295? where do you keep them all?…. Do you have a room just for Gunpla? So awesome. I also really like your high key approach, I normally prefer to photograph on black for high contrast image but your style looks really cool. If only one thing, I’d say the model name is a little too large and detracts from your image a bit. But hey, what do I know. 😛 Awesome work.

      So which one will be 300?

      • Thanks @omaikane for the kind comments… I have 3 display cabinets for my kits, nendoroids, diecast planes and other toys. I need a 4th lol.

        Yeah, I used to shoot on black bkgrd but i lost some detail due to the bkgrd so I decided to go high key. As for the big font, that’s deliberate cos I liked the design and I think it makes the pics stand out, but thanks for the comments.

        Hmmm… #300 has been ordered and it will be Build Gundam Mk II. 🙂

    • 295?! That is insane! Thank you for sharing! Might have helped me tonight, because I’m deciding which kit to open next and build.