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  • Phillip posted an update in the group Group logo of What just arrived from HLJ??What just arrived from HLJ?? 6 years ago

    Sorry for the blurry pics… it’s night time and I only have normal fluorescent lights to illuminate the boxes… I got 2 boxes on the same day… one’s from HLJ (the one with the Sonico truck kit) and the other’s from another company. EXCITED!

    • We just received our items almost the same time 🙂

      Received your 1/144 unicorn phoenix?

      • Not yet bro… when I checked with him 2 weeks bk, he said the stocks are not in and usually bandai ships them ard 25th of each month. Guess I hv to chk again…

    • sweet haul ;P

    • Its like Christmas every day 😀 big packages is <3!!

      • Thanks @bloodnut38, @sparta112 …it’s sweet until you have to pay for your paypal bill lol

        • Lol! This is so true @philliptan. October has lots of restocks and the Gunpla Build Fighters releases. X-Mas coming early this year. lol!

          • Yeah @superxvegito… with this shipment, I’ve exhausted all my in-stock stuff… the remaining stuff are Oct, Nov, Dec releases… so I’ll have a break before I break the bank again. 😛

        • Ha ha definately I look at my monthly spending constantly, had to stop my self from ordering things a few times, now I just wait for sales with good amount of discounts

          • @sparta112 The problem with me is that I don’t stop myself. So that gives me a huge bill plus I hv no more space for new toys (but that still hasn’t stopped me bleh)

            • haha nice if I see big bills just for toys every month I think i wouldn’t have the money to buy food XD. Would love to see your toy collection room I am sure it would be Awesome!!one day I will definitely have a room just for my gunpla and toys! one day

      • just wait for more box from phillip because more onsale to be purchased on xmas day 🙂

    • We’re down to last quarter guys! Christmas day is coming fast. Cant wait for the christmas sale! LOL ! Nice haul you got there Bro! @philliptan

      By the way guys, I posted some photos of my completed MG RX-78-2 One Year War Ver. You may want to check it out. It’s on the Completed Gunpla/Model Group. Thanks! Nice to see you guys checking in again. Been busy? @philliptan @bloodnut38 @johnnel @superxvegito

      • Yea my free time has been taken by GTA V lol! I’ll be hopefully finishing my Freedom test build this week and then I can work on painting it.

      • @projectx1125, yea, busy with work… less time for Gunpla lately. Well, I got my Shin Matsunaga Zaku II High Mobility Type and that’s my next build… 🙂

      • yeah been busy here and there, also concentrating for my entry build 🙂

    • Bode replied 6 years ago

      what’s that Saber Alter box? I want to see a picture of it.