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    I think I need professional help… was just looking at my outstanding list (cowabanga!)… I must be one of HLJ’s favourite customers… 😛

    • That’s one nice list lol

    • Either you have too much money or you really need help. That’s sick but somehow cool.

    • I think many of us know the feels looking at that. Good thing it’s just your warehouse. Lol!

    • hot damn thats a massive list, it seems you went on a shopping spree except this one is a online shopping spree~~!

      • Haha thanks @sparta112, it’s not quite a shopping spree cos this was spread over a few months and will still be ongoing until the end of the year with many on Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec releases… That’s actually good cos I dun have to pay all on one shot!

        • sparta112 replied to one of your comments:

          “but isn’t there a 60 day limit on how long you can store in the private warehouse? how did you get past that XD I wanna know so i can also do some more purchase”

          First off, comments keep disappearing @Ryan… sometimes I get a notification on my email abt a reply, but there’s no activity link to click and I know a comment has disappeared. Hope you guys can resolve this. Been happening since Day 1.

          And @sparta112, as a reply… The 60 day limit starts when your item becomes available for shipping, not before. So you can order something that’s gonna be released in December. But once available you have up to 2 months to organise your order else they will automatically ship any item that has reached the 2 months deadline.

    • Can I borrow that plate so I can print my own money? Lol.

    • Wow dude. I thought I had a lot in my PW. strikes again.

      • @bloodnut38, Yea bro… HLJ, are you reading this? I think I deserve a Diamond Member Privilege card hahahahaha….

      • I’m starting to wonder if HLJ pays you as a marketing strategy. Lol.
        Now I want to buy more. Wait, just slapped myself. No, I don’t want to buy anything.

        • @bode76 Yes, you do. You want to buy that Geara Doga, that Sinanju Stein ver Ka. Take out your wallet, key in the credit card number, yes you do. Buy it. Buy it now. Ship EMS so you can have it in 4 days’ time. You know you want to.

    • “Yo dawg, I heard you like Private Warehouses so I gave your Private Warehouse a Private Warehouse.”

      • @woodfish, Daniel, I think i have a dedicated shelf somewhere in HLJ labeled “HLJ’s Favourite Customer” lol…

        • Dude, your Private Warehouse shelf(es) ARE your dedicated shelves that say “HLJ’s Favourite Customer”. Like an isle of them just for you. xD Now, if all that stuff came to stock in a day while you’re away from home for a vacation for a week, you’d be in some serious trouble. 😀 now, what’s the quality of those shirts? And what’s the quality of prints on them?

          • @woodfish, oh abt those t-shirts from Cospa, the quality and print is excellent! It’s not those heat transfer prints that drop off after a few washes. These are good quality cotton tees with screen printing. Worth the money definitely. I wear my VF-1A t-shirt out with all the nerd pride I can muster lol… now I can’t wait for the X-20A tee to arrive!

            Note that these are in Asian sizes so I wear XL (pretty plump) and I’m 5′ 11″. So you can gauge from there.

            • Always thought they were cool but didn’t know how the qualty was. I’ve noticed they were pretty pricey so I kind of thought the quality should be good but never heard a first hand opinion. 🙂 I’ll be buying some them in the near future. Always wanted to get me that Sinanju shirt. 🙂 Though some of them are more cool than that one.

              • @woodfish, those Tees fly off the shelves real fast, man! Usually the L and XL goes damn fast! This black X-20A was the last piece cos after I ordered the status changed to Out of Stock! LOL…

                • “Low Stock” pretty much means there’s one left. 🙂 A few times before I’ve bought the last thing from the “Low Stock” so I’m almost sure about that. Not sure how many Tees they get per batch though. Might be 10 each, might be more. So the best thing is to chuck it in your basket and finish your purchase. That’s a safe way you’ll get yours once it comes to stock. I’ll be sure to do so soon, as soon as I can give up on an MG for a shirt. 😀

    • When it comes to paying, AWW HELL NAWWW!

    • and here I was thinking that my 15 item order was too much!!!