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    Hi guys. I am currently building the 1/144 RG Strike Freedom and I have come across a big problem. I am cutting the black and blue parts and the nippers are leaving stress marks on the spots where I cut. I don’t intend to paint it. Just top coat it with Mr. Hobby Gloss.
    Is there a sure fire method to cutting out the pieces an keeping it clean? Do you have any recommendations for a great set of nippers? I wanted to get the God Hand but, they are sold out in my area and on my online sources. ://
    • Well ur best best would be cutting closer to the runner then sand down to the actual part. It has worked for me.

    • make sure that your nipper is sharp. its hard to avoid stress marks if you are only using nippers to cut parts from runners and clean the excess sprue. use a hobby knife to cut away excess sprue to get best result. just watch out not to overcut it.

    • how was your build? i was also working on this kit last week. messed up the decals beam shields. just a heads up (if you haven’t done it yet) you are supposed to put the decals on the backside of the beam shield. 😀

    • what they said^ and you can also use a black Gundam Marker (used for panel lining) and just put some of that on the white stress mark, give it a few seconds to sink in, then while it off by rubbing with your thumb. Should get rid of the white ^^