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    Would anyone happen to know what metallic paints could be used to achieve this finish? I have been researching and I seem to cannot find any concrete information on achieving the exact or near exact color.

    Also I am NOT going for a titanium finish. I want the metallic finish because, I think the sparkly glitter effect goes great with the Gundam 00 Gundams.

    Any information would be helpful, thank you!

    • Isnt that the gunpla expo special finish version of the kit ? Probably easier to buy it if thats the effect you want 😉

    • Would you happen to know if Mr Metallic Color Gx is lacquer based?

    • You should look into doing a silver coat of paint and then going over it with a clear color paint like clear blue I’ve done it with tamiya paints and it works ok there’s a video on gunplay tv about it too a early episode

    • I’ve seen that! That is a titanium finish. What I want is the metallic finish. The one with the metallic flakes in the paint that make it look glittery. Thank you for your suggestion though. I love the titanium finish too!! 😀

    • What ive done is base coat silver then clear blue for the blue parts and clear red for the red parts then i put a clear pearl coat ive used tamiya ts-65 on everything and that gives u those sparkly bits