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    Time to start on this guy.

    I recently finished Gundam Build Fighters Try and I am really obsessed with the concept of Gunpla battling. So obsessed, that I have decided to build my build fighters’ kits with the thought of using them for battle.

    I want to build my kit in the mind set of a fighter but, I need your help. From what I got from the show, I figured that using gloss top coats would increase laser resistance and more layers of paint would increase defense but lower maneuverability. Using metal parts instead of plastic parts increases maneuverability and strength and, using a Matt top coat would lower laser resistance but, increase physical defense. I am still thinking of more builder fighters concepts.

    To all of my fellow Gunpla Builders and Build Fighters anime fans alike, what else do you think I should do to improve my kit to make it the best in battle?