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    Belkits No.1 Peugeot 207 S2000 with bundled PE parts + Baremetal on headlights & taillights + gold & gray carbon fiber decals.
    • The bundled 6-point seatbelts & tire belt were a nightmare.

    • I bought a set for my 1981 Audi Quattro Ralleycar. Got some tips for the belts?

    • I don’t know where to buy the Belkits seatbelts. They’re wovern fiber. No adhesives. I used wood glue. You can buy the other PE seatbelts in different colors (I don’t paint them, but you can). 1 side is adhesive. Like stickers. Cut to size & install. + PE buckles. You need 2 pairs of tweezers or needle-nose pilers to bend them. A magnifier would help a lot. I buy them from ebay. HJL & some other Japanese toy stores may sell them. Just search for “1/24 seatbelts” on ebay. Try ’em out on an old kit. Clean up your desk. Those PE is very easy to lose. The 911 GT3R) I built & posted here shows the clearest pictures of the ebay seatbelts.

    • 1 thing for sure is the 3rd party merchandises or grade-up kits can & will cost more than the model kits. If you care about details, it’s worth it. Like you can detail gunplas with metal parts & whatnots. Or military kits with aftermarket upgrades. Insane details.

    • Ok you bought it. So wood glue for belts & CA (instant glue) for PE buckles. Have patience.