• Zeon's RedComet posted an update in the group Group logo of Gundam Forums Gundam Forums 8 years ago

    Well looks like it’s down…again….yay.

    • First off, It’s me Kenico…problem is I can’t recall my password so whoop-dy Friggin do!

      Second off…I know of another place to go for Gundam Roleplaying. It’s not a Gundam Site but its a good roleplaying site

      • Zeta replied 8 years ago

        Keni, I’m surprised you didn’t want to join my Build Fighters Try RP on our site. I’ve got five other players involved in this one. I even thought up of some cool teams the players may or may not face.

    • Yep…won’t even load this time, let alone give us any error messages. Bah!

    • 503 error here.

      So, at what point do we start looking at a new host/backend

      • I dunno it’s up to the site owners and such etc. I just hope the mods remember this place, only mods I have on social media, haven’t been active on the forum for some time so I dunno if they’d even had the answers for us.

        @Keni yeah but that leaves the issue about getting ahold of the others and I don’t know how, that and personally I really don’t want to pack up and RP on another site TBH. I just hope that they get this one back up and running ASAP.

    • someone is bound to come by here and hopefully notice…

      • It’s likely already been noticed by a mod or the site owners them selves and reported, now it’s just a matter of time, whether they come here or not, I dunno, personally I don’t care if they pop in here, as long as site functionality is restored in the long run.

        I just hope it doesn’t take months like it did the one time.

        • Sounds fair enough, but if any wants a backup RP site, I know one that would do well…

          but on that note, BFT’s recent episode was awesome…but is it just me or did it feel a little…off?

    • Hopefully. Havent been able to go to the proper site in two days.

      By the way, if it wasnt obvious, its a me, Dom!