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    Check out my new vid in which I build the 30th Anniversary 1/100 Scale Missile Phalanx from Macross! It’s my first fully painted/weathered/glued kit, so let me know what you think 😉 Thanks!

    • Seams could still use some work, and the weathering stuck me as a bit smudgey-looking, maybe overdone. I thought the basic paint job was nice, though, and the video itself was well done.

      • Thanks for watching, and for your feedback! Yeah, in hindsight I did find the seams really tough, I should have been a bit more persistent with the sanding I think. The weathering is a combination of real touch markers and dry brushing, I do think I went a bit overboard, but it was good practice, and I’m still pretty happy with it 🙂

        • Yeah, seams can be pretty tough on these old kits. Some things could have turned out better, but that’s how it always is. You’re right to enjoy what you’ve accomplished.

    • I love the weathering!!! It looks freaking sweet!!