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    The completed PG Unicorn Gundam. Even though it didn’t have any screws or nearly as hard to build as the PG Zeta. DAM it was great fun and looks great. I would recommend the LED’s to anyone thinking of purchaseing this kit. They just make it look EPIC!
    • I totally agree with you. I haven’t transformed mine to Destroy Mode yet, but seeing the LED’s shine through the gaps in Unicorn Mode is awesome! Might do some poses and take pictures later today.
      I see you used the stickers, but I didn’t. I did a few on the chest but didn’t like how they looked on the paint job and putting a gloss clear coat on to of them.
      Used them on the shoulders, but only after cutting the edges with a hobby knife.
      But they look great on your model! Great job!

    • Unfortunately I dont purchase the led but instead I bought the PG RX78-2..just dont want to build the PG Unicorn before the PG RX78-2 first..the LED is definitely my next buy.

    • I’m glad to hear it. you’ll love any kit in the PG line. They take some time but are great fun.

    • Me Personally I hate the glowing pink look to the kit with LED’s in it and even when I do eventually get mine I will never bother with LED’s and will be painting the pink Psycho Frame clear red as the Psycho Frame are far as I know even in the Anime itself is supposed to have been red to begin with.