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    Watched ep.2 and I had that feeling of excitement when it started, haven`t had that feeling in a long time 😀

    SPOILER ALERT ! Do not read further if you haven`t watched episode 2 !

    Seems there will be a time limit ( for now hopefully) on how long Mika will be able to fight, that ought to make things more interesting 🙂 I`m sad that this Ein didn`t die …he deserved after the “cowardly” line… But that “oh crap I forgot to refuel the thrusters” part annoyed me way more than it should`ve….

    • Yeah, it will be interesting to see how the time limit thing is overcome. Not sure about that ending music though.

    • I think the line “oh crap I forgot to refuel the thrusters” was a nice touch. Remember that Barbatos was just a power generator with missing half of cockpit. Since it was put together on short notice it was inevitable that some things were omitted or forgotten.
      Now i just hope Bandai wont screw this up. The best Gundam in a long time as for now.

      • I thought that bit was a little cheezy, though understandable. But I guess they didn’t want Barbatos and Mika to own everyone right away. Needed to hold him back a bit;)