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    Heya guys 🙂 I need to decide which kit to build next, I`m divided between 2 – PG 00 Raiser and PG Strike Freedom. Considering I got both MG and RG versions , which one will I enjoy the most ? 😛

    • How about the one which was most fun to build as an RG or MG?
      Personally I’d go for the Strike Freedom as I like the suit more. Still have to build it as an MG so can’t state anything about the build itself, but after building the MG OO and not liked the build that much (maybe because I don’t like the suit that much) I guess, read hope, the Strike Freedom is a much more fun build.
      But it’s all personal preference. One will enjoy a cheeseburger whilst another person enjoys a salad more 😉

      • Well thing is – as an RG I enjoyed the 00 Raiser more, but as an MG – the S.F Full burst wins. But nevertheless decided to get the Strike Freedom, since I have an idea how to repaint it 🙂
        Thanks for the input 😀

        • You’re welcome 😉
          Never would have guessed that there would be a huge difference between building an RG and MG version of a kit. Maybe because I never build an RG….
          Could you let me know how building the PG stacks up next to the MG Strike Freedom?