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    Fellas i have some bad news: Due to some financial snags as of late, I was forced last night to cancel my order ive had with HLJ, which included my Kampfer Amazing. Which means it looks like I wont be able to participate in that group build. Sorry guys but money has gotten tight. just thought I should tell you this fellas

    • Ooh, that stinks, man. At least you’ll have your SBS, though. Did I mention that they’re making an MG version of the Star Build Strike?

      • You don’t understand…I had to cancel ALL of them including the SBS. 🙁

        • Nooo! I’m sorry, man. That’s gotta hit hard.

          • I know, but hey, that money will go to the necessities that I need for now. hopefully once I get me and my cohorts messes in order will I get back into kits. as for kits as a whole: im thinking about taking a break from them for a while, now does that mean ill give up on gundam and gunplay? Hell no lol. but for now im not interested in buying gunpla for now.

    • Sorry to hear that man. I hope that you’re able to get everything in order. And I know how you feel about taking a break. I’m think that I might take a small break once my backlog is finally finished. But I do hope that you stick around man!