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    Hey just wanting to ask for an update on the fourms fellas.

    on another note, if any of you recall, me and my brother have been working on something called “Project Loftwing” AKA Loftwing Gundam. Well, the paints have finally come in and well begin working on that and the custom weapons loadout soon, but before we do that, well be posting here (and later on the forums once it gets back up lol) a semi completed version of it for your viewing pleasure. it will probably be done by the end of today lol.

    • Swet. Can’t wait to see it!

    • I also can’t wait to see it man.

      And no, I haven’t heard from Julie in awhile. She said she would email me if there was any news. But I have not heard from her.

    • Hey Guys, bad news, and no it has nothing to do with any problems with the kit lol. but the news is that I had been working all day running errands and what not I forgot to take the pics, lol. Good news is im freed up tomorrow so ill be able to take and post the pics. so thank you for your patience and see you tomorrow lol.