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    master grades i really want to see:

    MG Rozen Zulu
    MG Jegan (ECOAS)
    MG Stark Jegan
    MG Xi Gundam
    MG Providence
    MG Legend Gundam (I mean c’mon, we have strike freedom, inifinite justice, and destiny, why not the legend to complete the final battle?)
    MG Jesta Cannon
    MG Altron E.W “Nataku”

    • Regarding the Legend Gundam…. i think that because if im not correct, its the 10th Anniversary of Seed Destiny next year! i reckon they will make a MG Legend for that possibly? 🙂

      • I really want the Legend and Providence to get their turn. They are two villain Powerhouses beside the SF, IF and D. The 7th (or eights?) RX-78 is good but Bandai should look at other suits which deserve a MG treatment. Double X for exapmle…

    • The NG 1/100’s are cool as it is the only thing thats in that scale.

      Articulation is not a prob

    • I think all of these are a very good idea but I highly doubt that there will ever be a xi gundam mg unless they decide to make an anime any time soon. The jesta cannon is a definite given and the nataku is a very real possibility along with the jegan in most variations because the geara doga just came out and the geara Zulu and the rozen Zulu will probably come out, just not any time soon. As for the seed kits they are almost guaranteed to come out once the HD remastered destiny series gets to that point but overall about 99℅ of these ideas are a very real possibility