• Justin posted an update 8 years ago

    @woodfish Long time no talk! How’s your build[s] going? 😀

    • Dear sir, the time it took me to (nearly) complete the The-O was a “bit” longer than I have anticipated. During the build we’ve managed to complete this (not my photo and neither are the following ones) and are working towards completing this and this . Until The-O is 100% complete we’ll probably start OR finish this one too . Turn A will be done after I test my skills with lacquer based paints as I have never worked with them. Still waiting for the thinner to arrive. And how about you my friend?

      • By we I mean my girlfriend and myself as we do F1 kits together. It’s her thing but I’m giving a helping hand in painting and decaling when she’s stuck.

        • Wow, those are absolute beauties! 😀 I know what you mean about ordering thinner. I always seem to run out when I need it the most.

          My girlfriend is more partial to fighter planes, but we occasionally build small robots (like the Danball Senki ones). 🙂

          As for updates, I’ve been working on-and-off on the X-2. I’m not so sure about doing the customizations I’ve talked about…the mask is too big and the MG 3.0 hands would require me to completely alter the hand connection. :/ We’ll see! 😀

          • If I understand correctly, X2 and al of the Crossbone GunPla in general are about the same suze as the Victory/F91 Gundams so I’d say that the 3.0 hands would be too large for it. Some say they are too large for the 3.0 itself but you can give it a go, see how it fits. Ad for the fighter planes, her brother’s into them. 😀 I even offered to help out as he didn’t do a single plane in years. he has them unopened boxes stacked in a closet waitning for whi knows what. As for the thinner, I was going to use a regular, stronger thinner I can grab at a local tool store but gave up on it as I fear it may be too aggressive on the plastic. I’ve used it for my first kit out of inexperience and it didn’t go bad at all but I don’t want to take any chances so I ordered a small bottle of Mr.Hobby thinner off of ebay, just to be on the safe side.

            • Sorry for the wrong letters, my keyboard’s keys are missing the printed ones so I tend to miss a few now and then.

              • It’s all right. 🙂 I was thinking of making the 3.0 hands smaller, but’s a lot of unnecessary work that would probably diminish the usefulness of their design. Just for kicks, I put sticky putty in to connect the 3.0 joint to the hand and well…it looks terrible. 😛

                Planes are so hard to start! They’re the sort of project I usually put off, since I have to carefully add super glue and would be too obsessive about painting.

                With respect to the thinner problem, do you have Testor’s brand thinner locally? It usually works well, but Tamiya and Mr. Hobby are always my preferred brands for such a thing.

                • I wish… All we have are non-brand automotive/painting/tool washing kind. The heavy duty stuff. Model builders in our country are roughly measured by around 1 per mil compared to “normal people”. Sadly enough, when a few years back my girlfriend was asked what she does in her spare time almost everyone repeated “Modelling?”. We live in a world where model building is an oddity compared to getting naked for a photo session… We have pretty nice looking chicks by some standards, don’t get me wrong but nowadays every damn one of them wants to be a starlet. With every guy’s interest peaking when around two things, watching football and beer. Theres nothing in between. Both sexes scream “I’m bored!” all of the time… Sorry I went too far with my grapefruit chatter… As for the thinner part, this is my first time buying a small 50ml bottle of Mr.Hobby thinner. I won’t be using lacquer based paints all that much as they’re on top of the poison list and I still haven’t bought me an aspirator to help pull out the fumes and paint particles. But who knows, it may grow on me. 🙂 I’ve heard that lacquer paints give the best looking results with the drying time cut to minimum.

                  • Aww man. :/ Well, think of it this way: model-building isn’t as looked down upon as collecting action figures in most societies. People are more impressed by something you can build, rather than something you can simply buy in its finished form.

                    Also, I haven’t been sold on the lacquer paints either. I’m an avid user of enamel paints, since they dry evenly even though it takes a while. I might be willing to invest in lacquer paints later on, when I can have a fume hood in a house. 😛