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    So. We had an incident a couple weeks ago where my dog stole and destroyed the core to my kit. So it was replaced (the kit, not the dog). You can see below that the damage was fare worse than could be passed off as battle damage. The chest armour wouldn’t even fit. it anymore, and the collar piece was on it, and I never found more than half of it.

    I’ve got decals all applied and started oil paint weathering. The Wings, torso and arms are done (in that regard). Still have to finish most of the legs and then do some other weathering.

    Since I had to buy a second kit, I have a LOT of spare parts, and decided to try kit bashing, using old kits I have. I’m using one of the beam sabres and the mace from the Double X to form a new beam sabre mace. Lots of work to do there still.