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    I’ve finally finished the main body! Adding in just a katana as the weapon.
    I have to say, even just the main body without the wings looks great. Very sleek.
    I really love the asymmetry between the right and left leg too.
    Posing with the katana reminds me of the Astray Red Frame, haha.

    • Nice poses! I like the 3rd pic a lot. So subtle but deadly.

    • Say about the show what you will, the style of the Valvraves themselves is simply awesome. The model looks great. Clean panel-lines and if stickers were used, I don’t see any peeling off.

      Just one thing. Are you going to paint the sword? It looks off all clear like that. As if it is made from glass.

      • Thanks~
        I don’t currently have the right pens or any sprays to colour them >x<
        I think I'll try and get a hold of something to paint the handles, but personally, I like the clear blades. I'll have to think about that…

    • innocent mode.. nice im building valverave HITO….just want to ask do u know how to use the attachments of the action base?? been asking that eversince i built it…btw nice work on ur kit…

      • You only need to follow the instructions in the manual. A lot of the parts in the base plate are not needed. I’ll try and upload a picture of it next time ^^