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    Anyone built a G-System of a Sazabi or Sinanju? Am planning to get a Sazabi for Christmas(Need to save a lot of money,lol). I don’t like the Sinanju design of G-System but the Clear Sazabi looks like the ultimate Kit to build. The most detailed Gundam is the Kshatriya by Lyn, but I’ve heard too many issues about the parts. Any comments from on the Sazabi will be welcome, thanks!

    • i hadn’t heard of g system until i saw your post! thank you! what an amazing company and product line!

      i have added 3 more items to my plamo bucket list!!!

      are they stand alone kits, or do you have to sacrifice an mg for the inner frame?

      • The older kits need mg or pg frames. But the new kits like the Sazabi are stand alone kits as G-System has their own inner frame which is detailed to the max with hydraulics everywhere, very flexible, and very stable due to bolts used.
        Am getting the Gerbera Tetra Plus this year instead of the Sazabi,which has a more detailed inner frame.

    • That thing looks awesomely amazing

      • Yeah,and am sad it isn’t available on HLJ. Would have been nice to get discounts. They are so expensive I’ll b able to buy only one in a decade lol.