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    Updates for my RG Sinanju with painted inner frame and added LEDs. Just a side note for anyone who’s gonna paint the frame too-Some parts aren’t meant to be disassembled without high risk of breaking; some pegs(like the ankle joints) are already perfect fit and adding even a fine layer of paint will make the joint too tight to move, so paint the parts but mask the pegs. Some pegs can and should be painted( e.g the waist parts) to reduce the “wobbliness” of the kit. Btw I cut some excess parts in the waist inner frames parts to make parts flush and have a longer waist pegs. Anyone having build this kit will know what I mean. I wanted to glue the fwd/bwd articulation but I believe this helps to diminish stress on the waist peg, so I didn’t.
    Now I only need to connect some wires, add decals and make the base. I’m really enjoying this kit.
    • That’s why I try to watch a much as reviews of a kit I am planning to build, to get to know some of it weak points, like weak joints, armor that may scratch paint off and such.
      This is the first time someone gave such detailed information, exactly what I’m looking for in reviews!
      So thank you very much Hellvin!!!!!!!

    • Sorry, almost forgot…. Good luck with the build, looking pretty sweet!!!

    • Your welcome bro! That’s the reason why I also like to give details like this-so that other people can have a more enjoyable build!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’m enjoying this build a lot. Just finished applying the HG ver Ka decals. Will post pics later.