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    Locked safely away while I start planning/work on a custom stand to match the paint scheme. Also, the unit needs a name. Something flashy. I was planning to call it the Violet Flare. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hmm, if you want to go with a name that has a shade of purple… how about Aubergine Nova? Since Char is known as the Red Comet, I think you know where I’m going with this. 🙂

      • I love where your going with the name. However the lighting in that picture is aweful. The purple color is actually much brighter when viewed in proper lighting. It’s somewhere between Byzantium and Byzantine.

        • It’s funny that you mention that! I was actually thinking “Aubergine or Byzantium” earlier. 🙂

          Hmm, the only problem I see with Byzantium is if you don’t want the model to sound like it’s from the Byzantine Empire, lol.

          • I know, this quite frustrating.

            • Well, we can go for what the color purple symbolizes. More often than not, it’s nobility. Noble Nova sounds a little strange, even though it’s the start of an alliteration.

              Hmm, Majestic Torch…nah.

              Okay, here’s another way to think about it: purple is a combination of the primary colors blue and red. Both of those are colors of fire, with blue being hotter due to higher energy. I think, and if it’s not a stretch, we can argue that purple is a midpoint between the two. With that logic: “Axial” something. Axial Nova, Axial Torch, Axial Radiance… 😛

            • Nope, I’m gonna call it “The Tyrian Nova” I was just reading up on the history of the color purple and how it was used, and it’s perfect.