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    Okay, so haven’t gotten as far I would have liked to , but I’ve washed the runners, built the kit, dissasembled the kit, ultra sound cleaned the kit and mounted all parts for painting. Tomorrow I finally start priming. Gonna do it in Kshatriya colors with a little bit more bling twist on the crests and details.

    And damn, seeing everyone elses post here makes me feel kinda out of my league. Oh well, here goes!

    • Don’t worry about it, I feel the same

    • I’m just telling myself that if I get way outclassed and nowhere near any of the awards, at least I’ll have a nice looking kit completed.

    • What is the reasoning behind the ultrasonic cleaning? Is it to be sure that all mold release is removed? I feel lame I just washed mine in a tub with dish soap….

    • I hang out a lot at the gunpla subreddit and some guys swear by them. So when it turned out that this was way too weak for the stuff we tried to clean with it at work I got the okay from the boss to take it home. I’ve only really used the good old dishing tub myself thus far, but this clean them really well also. To be honest, I’m not sure if the difference is exactly astronomical. But I wanted to try it out. Time will tell if I keep at it this way or not.