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    My 2nd WIP of MG 00 Qan[T]’s GN Shield! It’s Saturday so I have all the time to finish this in a day. I really enjoyed making this part and was really excited to show it to you guys. Again, it’s all gloss and matt topcoat + decals + panels. You’ll see more action from this when I complete the kit and with all the nice poses I have in mind. *Drool*

    • Dude, that is epic. Are those decals rub transfer? It’s Saturday you say? I thought it was Sunday.

    • LOL I got disoriented. Yes it was Sunday when I made this. Thanks man! My kit’s slowly coming to life. Those are water slide decals. I didn’t use the rubber transfer and the foil sticker.

      • I see. I’ve never used water-slides before, but I hear that once you use them, you can’t go back, haha. Have you tried using the rub transfer? Those take quite a bit more work, but produce excellent results. I would stay away from sticker decals as much as possible, though. They tend to stand out a bit. Unfortunately, using sticker decals is inevitable on my kit, haha.

        • I like water slide decals especially when you use a mark setter it’s like you hand painted it yourself. It looks clean and you can’t see the borders unless if you really look closely. Haven’t tried the rub transfers and I think I’m not gonna go back using foil stickers anymore. I’m getting used to the water decals.

          • Yep! Water-slides are great. Are you painting the eyes?

            • Nope I’m not gonna paint the eyes but I got luminous stickers. LOL! I actually don’t know how to paint the eyes that’s why i didn’t buy any paintbrush or paint. How do you paint the eyes btw?

    • Where did you get those decals? I’ve looked through my remaining foil, dry, stickers and water transfers and can’t find them. But I must say it looks incredible!

      • Hi! The water slide decal set was not part of the kit I bought. It’s actually a separate purchase but it’s still made by Bandai and specially made for this kit. You can search the net for water slide decals for 1/100 00 Qan[T]. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks I’ve found it. Didn’t know there are 2 water slide sheets. I’ve got the other one.