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    Hey guys! I’m very much new to this and when I was searching for stuff to buy I came across this competition. This will be my first competition and I’m still a total noob, like level 0. I’ll be doing panel lines, decals and maybe light modifications. No painting, just gloss and matt spray will be used (learned that after 3 weeks of research how to build one). I’ll be building an awesome piece at beginner’s category. 1/100 MG GNT-0000 00 QAN[T].

    MG 00 Qan[t]
    • Cool! First ever kit you’ll make is an MG? Have fun and enjoy building. Can’t wait to see this 😀

      • I actually tried the HG 00 Raiser 4 years ago but didn’t use any tools, or panel or anything. I just used my hands to remove them from their runners and assembled it in 1 day. But this, I’m gonna level up with this. ^_^

    • Cool choice mate. This is a very nice kit. I always like Gundam design from the 00 series. I heard that this kit was designed to be able to house a Gunpla LED. Did you bought the LED piece too?

      • Yeah I also bought 2 LED pieces for the front and back but waiting for it to arrive. I realized I need 2 LED pieces for this when I checked the manual. I still don’t know how to put them but I’m excited as well!! I’m gonna love this!

    • Great choice. OO kits are always fun to build. This also happens to be my first Gundam kit I built. I’ve panel lined and stickerd and thats it. It’s hard to find a top coat thats not for spray gun in my neck of the woods. I hope you enjoy it. The big sword is a lot of fun to pose.

      • Thanks! I’m actually having fun building it and sometimes forgot that I’m entering this for the competition. Built some parts without taking WIP pictures. Just a few and I’ll post some. I’m using Mr hobby Gloss and Matt for the top coats.