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    about 95% done – still some details like my bus shelter to fill in the empty corner near the light poles. Lots of little touch up painting to do and some more rubble in spots that are obviously missing from where a blast would have spread it. Magella still looks to much like plastic to me – I might add some more surface washes and weathering in spots. When I glue it down I’ll spread some rubble on the exposed side and glue the brown track down to simulate it sagging – although most of this won’t be visible anyway. Still have to build a base.
    • I’d find some same-scale vehicles, buildings, etc. flap them over, weather them, cut one of the track of guntank up, bend it forward to make it look broken, even cut it up into pieces, maybe pull a wheel out or off, etc. to make the entire scene a death match. Oh and scratch-build broken concrete blocks.

    • Man you want me to work LOL!
      I looked at same scale vehicles – I might add one all chewed up. I thought about doing one side with buildings – or even just a silhouette of them – but I ruled that out for now. I did build rubble piles that would have been from the buildings next to the road… I do have other detail – barbed wire, bus shelter. I’m going to add some soldier figures. I may add more stuff around the checkpoint like crates and weapons.
      I don’t want to damage Guntank more than it is right now.

    • It’s your call. The guntank is too clean and undamaged to me. It seems to have entered the front line of a battle? Or in the middle of a battle? Weather it accordingly. Yes, drop more stuff on it. Or take the easy way out, put a city scene background on the back.

    • Just my opinion: the tank is retreating? Since the turret is off. It’s losing the battle. So the tank should be facing the opposite side.

    • The magella is actually blown up. It’s the aftermath of the battle. I did pick up some cars so I’ll add at least one. I also got a jeep and some crates to add clutter to the checkpoint. I like your ideas – helping me tell the story better. Maybe I should add some smoke/fire effects to the Magella hull.

    • Youtube “smoke diorama”, “fire diorama” or whatever you’re thinking of building to get an idea of how to do it. Painted cotton balls work. Maybe a yellow/orange LED in the center.