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    Getting ready to do the water slides on these massive feet. Skirt armor and thrusters are the only parts left to complete for the MS. Now i have to decide what weapons to use in my display pose since i won’t have time to finish them all before next week.
    • That’s turning out to be one hell of a great kit. You’ve inspired me to buy another Ver. Ka and do a similar paint job. I’ve decided to go with black and three different greens. I can’t wait to see it finished!

    • Thanks for the kind words and im glad i was able to inspire you just by doing what i enjoy. This really is a massive project and i have learned a lot. Lessons learned will carry over when i start on my next BIG project, the nu-gundam ver ka. Its sill in the planning stage but i have LOTS of things i plan to do with it. I hope your kit come out like u want.