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    Yes it is close to an end. Customizing the hell out of this cheap Revell kit.Do you have a tip to soften the belts? They are quiet stiff.
    • Soften as in making it look weighted? Use longer seatbelts. Or glue them to the seats. I always do.

      I wish the older rally cars had this kind of sealbelts. I saw one rally car without helmets on drivers, roll cage & seatbelts.

    • Yes, that’s why I build cheap-o’s sometimes. Not only a good break from expensive kits, but also easy on the wallet.

    • It was a birthdaypresent from my brother 13 years ago. Now it is time to give it back..^^. With all the photoedged parts and extras it isn’t that cheap anymore. But it gives you alot of space to impovise and scratchbuild.

    • I glued the ones in the middle but it was hoping i could manage to leave the mainbelts free. Sadly they dont bend on their own so much, that it would look realistic. Esp. In front of the seat. They also look too new.

    • Not sure how the old seatbelts were installed, but the new ones are installed like my Peugeot 207 posted here. A cross at the end to the nearest horizontal bar of a roll cage.

      You can always weather the seatbelts.

      As a modeler progress, they will get to a point where they won’t finish a kit ever because they always think something isn’t right & keep modifying.

    • It’s said, some died over it…