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    Guys do u normally paint yr RGs

    • personally I usually don’t the small size and different color tones makes it look really good even unpainted, I have painted some as well though and ofcourse as expected it makes it look even better, still I kinda like that I can put a model together without paint and not be bothered later on by the unpainted look, it’s nice when you get the urge to just put a model together.

    • I painted my Freedom Gundam simply changing the blue to pink since I had another new RG Freedom waiting to be built. I think painting it a completely different scheme would be good since the color and part separation would give the model a more complex look and I am quite happy with the results even though I left most of the Freedom the same.

    • I’ve paint a RG Gundam to Char’s red theme 😀

      I mosly just add my own gold instead of the stickers they give and polished silver to some verniers or rims. Oh, and top coat as well. Sometimes I just straight build them when I want to pose them alot… ^^