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  • danibear posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 3 years ago

    First real update……

    Most of the parts are painted and decalled(some still needs painting and decalling). I used Finisher’s pure white, then pearl white, then Rossi blue for body fairing. Top Studio decals are fragile and hard to easy, but the blue is the correct color (unlike Tamiya 2009 kits, the decal blue is too light).

    I also machined the rear axle using brass and the chain tension adjustor using aluminum, they can achieve real metal shinning and the brass axle is hollow like the real thing !!

    Also, since I will use Top Studio working chain set, so I will easily adjust the chain tension using my own machined metal parts. Otherwise it will be a nightmare to determine how many PE chain you will need.