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    These were in the mail today. Thanks guys. Great communication . So if you guys don’t get your customized weapon or parts email HLJ and they will get back to you.
    • I might just do that. I ordered some HG kits during that promo, and they came in yesterday, but no weapon/parts kits. Unless they ran out. 😉

    • I think that they still have stock if not they would have taken down the promo. Just email them as there must be a mix up at the packaging area.

    • Got 2 hguc kits with no extra parts as well. Sent an email as soon as I saw this thanks for the update.

    • No probs. that’s why we have this site to help others.

    • Just got done emailing hlj support and my 2 extra parts sets will be shipping this week! Thanks again for the info

    • Happy to help out a fellow gunpla.

    • Just recieved my second order from this promo , and like the first i had no part/ weapons with this one either , thankfully i just spotted this and have sent an email. Guess i will have to wait till after the easter weekend to find out what has happened. Looking forward to RG Exia next week too 🙂

    • Got my extra parts today! 4 packs of them Two D packs and an E and F pack. Looking forward to using them on a custom build for the next contest when they decided to hold one.