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    GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 12: To Fly To the Future (ENG sub)

    • wait. why did Meijen say Yuuma’s sister was taking care of him? I thought China was with Sei?

      • I wondered that too. It’s probably a translation error, or a lie. The Meijin was saying that he knows Yuu’s sister. This was probably in order for Yuu to trust him, to show they’re not total strangers.

          Couldn’t stop myself from it
          How do we know its his only sister?
          Either way cant wait till next ep.
          I want more sd action (he sayd reluctantly) and if the modelkit preorders are any spoilers i see three ways everything could go, and i like em all :3

          • It is a Japanese manner to thanks your relative’s peer to “taking care of” the person as looking after. (Usually use when meeting a classmate or co-worker of that person)

            As they are from same school and know each other, it is pretty normal.