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    Snapped together my KG-6 Sleipnir kit! Was a lot of fun to do something other than Gundam. Ends up being about as tall as an average MG kit, and while there is great molded detail, it’s not as complicated as an MG. Some bad nub marks and seamlines that need to be cleaned up, but has surprisingly good movement, and I like the end result. Going to be putting some paint to this at some point, though, so haven’t applied the water slides.
    • Not bad. A quick way to finish a model without painting is to take good care of the nub marks (sanding) & a clear coat of your choice.

      I would buy this kit if the shipping isn’t expensive. Why must it be EMS? I could wait.

    • Yeah, will definitely be doing some sanding, but I’m wanting to do some paint/weathering too. Maybe make it look a but battle scarred, as this mech seemed to get pretty well used and abused on the show.

    • Does Koto still produce this kit?

    • Yes.