Feb 7

Takara Tomy had its usual wide array of amazing items on display at Wonder Festival 2016 Winter!

The showstopper was Unite Warriors Bruticus, dramatic even in unpainted form! Kits from “Thunderbirds,” “Votoms” and more were also shown–all were spectacular!




  1. What is that amazing vehicle mech-jet-gerwalk-w/pilots-combo-thing after Bruticus?

  2. Huh! The Japanese release of Bruticus is missing Shockwave! (reminds me, I have to buy Shockwave at some point, haven’t seen him in shops for some reason, but he looks AWESOME). Also, I know it’s accurate to the cartoon, but why is Blast-off still a space shuttle (it’s more obvious on the Bruticus photos, he’s Bruticus’ right arm), when the others are clearly military vehicles?

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