Jun 13
Ryan Gunpla TV

You can share your …



You’ll be able to take part in all of our competitions and giveaways.




*Don’t take this image literally.
*Don’t start building yet as all competitions will have some special rules.


How to Join:




Once you join:


You can post, share, and comment on everything, yes, just like Facebook, but we won’t force you to add everyone you have ever met, and you don’t have to feel bad about how many friends you don’t have.


You can create your own group, or post in groups related to your interest.




  1. The site looks great! Nice work guys! I’m sure you’ll have a thriving community here before you know it!

  2. Signed up and activated, but I can’t seem to log in. Also, the Password Recovery page is missing, “Page not found”.

    What are the chances of mispelling my password twice? hahaha.

  3. It would be great if we can add link to our own Youtube or personal website in our profile as well. I think a lot of members here will be from Youtube, all might have channels of their own.

  4. Is there a way to provide a detailed feedback on the new website? Cause I noticed quite a few issues
    1. Uploaded images will use filename as title
    2. If you edit the image title, profile activity will still display the original title
    3. If you go to Media -> Photos, in case of long image titles (17+ characters), titles will overlap

  5. great job guys…. love watching you on youtube

  6. RX said on May 27, 2014

    Great show and can’t wait for more eps.

  7. syd and ryan before anything else i would like to congratulate you both on your never ending support and giving us review on every kit and it was a very big help to those who started this hobby just like me keep it up guys and one more request can you do some review on mg banshee norn thanks

  8. one question how many episodes did you release every month

  9. I’ve been a fan of Hobbylink tv on Youtube for years,glad to be finally part of the site guys.

  10. PG unicorn whaat whaat

  11. woow definitely would like to add this kit to my little gunpla colletion and this pg kit looks so cool and a lot more detailed than the other pg kits, also i wanted to ask you guys if you could talk about this kit in a few minutes only if its alright with you guys cos i know you guys are quite busy with stuff going on lately and also the rg wing custom,thanks you very much for all this reviews and tutorials and all this episodes! thanks guys you’re the best!!

  12. I must confess, I’m going through a Z’Gok phase…

  13. I’m rather impressed with this site and I have just one question…

    Can we post other pics of things like LEGO creations since in a way LEGO’s are another form of modeling that are more forgiving to someone who wants to getting to modeling.

  14. Hey guys, I was wondering how we go about reporting users that are clearly not interested in gundam but are here just to send spam to all users on the website, the user in question is duksonbaby who sent this to me yesterday afternoon

    “Hello Dear,
    My name is Faith

    Please don’t be angry with me my Dear i was browsing on .hobbylink.tv i saw your profile so i decided it is better we communicate better through my email addres(faith_d01@ outlook.com) for better talk and to tell you reason why i contacted you.”

    This isn’t acceptable as the profile also shows that they have no idea what the website is about.


  15. seriously, the best website for gunpla

  16. The best site i ever had… Thanks Hobbylink.tv

  17. Just confused since a couple of updates aren’t shown directly.

    Only if you switch from show updates to show everything.

    Might be a bug in the database.

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