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Which Kirby Copy Ability Are You?

We were surprised and delighted to see a particular hashtag trending on Twitter recently in Japan:

That is, “Kirby Copy Ability.”

Now, Kirby is definitely popular, but why was this particular tag suddenly trending when there’s no Kirby news or new game on the horizon right now?

Well, it turns out on July 20th Kirby Portal, the website for all things pink-puffy-hero-related, launched a fun personality quiz where you can find out which Copy Ability is best suited to you.

There are 32 different results, including abilities like Sleep, Parasol, and Mic. Even popular characters like Waddle Dee and Meta Knight make an appearance!

The downside: it’s in Japanese. But never fear: we’ve got it translated for you below, so you can navigate through the quiz to get your official Kirby Copy Ability results!

To get started, pop open the quiz in another browser tab (this works best on desktop). Then, just follow along with us in this post to answer each question.
Kirby Personality Quiz

When you get your results, you can copy/paste the text into Google Translate to learn more about why you got that result.

At the bottom, you’ll also see how many people got the same result (left), and what percentage of quiz-takers you share the result with (right!)

The pink button at the bottom lets you download a wallpaper featuring your result, too.

Here’s mine…

So, what did you get? I was gunning for Meta Knight, myself, but oh well.

Let me know in the comments what your Kirby Copy Ability is! And check out HLJ for all kinds of Kirby collectibles to commemorate your newly-discovered copy ability!

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  1. I got スナイパー」タイプ. (Sniper type)
    Cute bow and arrow
    Linky: https://www.kirby.jp/special/personalityquiz/result/14-archer.php

    The notes about sniper kirby is something I can relate to for sure. 😀

    • Very cute! I hadn’t seen this result yet, thanks for sharing!

  2. I got Light type!
    I can relate to this more than when i got Meta Knight so because of that I’m sticking with Light

  3. I got Meta Knight! I honestly wasn’t expecting that, but I’m glad I got my favorite character.

  4. Reply
    • Circus! We haven’t seen that one before 😮

  5. You are lucky – I got a thrash ability and “normal” is awesome compared to my result

  6. Thank you for the translation, I appreciate the effort. I first tried to take it using a page translater, but that’s when I found this post and used it. I got the Bomb ability


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