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UC : Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka Titanium Finish

User Content (UC) : Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka Titanium Finish
Submitted By : Elexis Cru

I’m no stranger to building Ver. Ka kits, so building the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam was not too difficult. The kit I built is the Titanium Finish version. I like Gundam kits that have a glossy finish to them since I personally think they look nice on a display case (makes them stand out from the rest in my opinion). There are some downsides to them though. One is that applying any sort of line fill detailing is fairly difficult. Even after some time, they tend to rub off fairly easily without sealing it. The second is the gates. Certain kits (like the MG Hyaku-Shiki) has most of it gates in spots where cutting them won’t leave marks. This particular kit doesn’t have that (as it looks like it was just a repainted version of the regular kit) so no matter how careful you are, you will leave a nick mark from where the gates were. And unless you have the exact paint to cover it up, there is no real way to hide it. With this kit though, it’s not as noticeable from a distance, but in clos
e-up, they show up.

One thing about Ver. Ka kits are all the stickers and decals that come with it. With some kits I’ve seen and built, these can be somewhat overkill (Victory Gundam for example looks like someone just wrote graffiti all over it to me), but for this one, it seems to work okay. The glossy finish actually kinda hides the little bit of excess sticker as well after application.

All in all, this is a nice kit. Poseability is a bit limited, but that’s why they have the regular MG version..

Right now, I’, currently working on the MG Deathscythe EW, so I hope to share the pics soon.

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  1. Nice work there! this kit is truly beautiful! Some edges look a little grey, is this too a part of the titanium finish?

  2. i almost crying how such that master pice exeist best kit ever i dont care about the trunsformtion its fin with me

  3. God job.

  4. I got the model few month back, but the gate marks has been putting me back from finishing the unit T^T Anyone have any methods that could help?

  5. Thanks!

    @Munch Unfortunately, yes. The kit I got came with some parts having the edges a bit gray. It might have been the repainting process on it, but it kinda gives it a bit of detail IMO.

  6. I assembled my Unicorn Ver. Ka Titanium last saturday. I love it!
    Sure, posability is limited but that doesnt mean that it is impossible to pull off some nice poses!^^
    I have the Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium as well, they look INCREDIBLY cool together!


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