Apr 5
Ryan Gunpla TV

It’s a booty-licious Ghost In The Shell episode of “Toy Tengoku”! Robin shows off an outstanding figure of the Major, while Ardith lets an adorable Nendoroid-ized Tachikoma out of its box to play.

Items features in this video:

Left-Hand 1/6 Motoko Kusanagi PVC

Good Smile Nendoroid Tachikomans Yellow

Wave 1/24 W.H.A.M.! Tachikoma Action Figure



  1. Al said on April 5, 2012

    Sweet! A special episode dedicated to Ghost In The Shell, my favourite franchise! Thanks Ardith and Robin! Love the Left-Hand 1/6 Motoko Kusanagi figure. A good portion of my collection is dedicated towards GITS, and I’m happy to say that figure is part of it. She’s still in her box until I get more shelf space, so it was great to see her outside the box, as presented by Robin. I agree she is very nicely sculpted and the paint application is very well done. The detail on today’s figures is really amazing.

    I also have the series of Wave 1/24 W.H.A.M. Tachikomas (think there were ten in all, plus the 1/24 W.H.A.M. Uchikoma). One of the reasons I collected those was for the character figures that were included with them, like Major Kusanagi, Batou, et al.

    The Alphamax 1/6 Motoko Kusanagi Seburo M-5 & HK-VP70 Ver. Coldcast is also a very well done figure. I liked it so much, I bought two…one for display and the other to remain unopened in its box. 🙂

    Already looking forward to Scott’s visit on your next episode.

  2. I bet a lot of Guys order Major Kusanagi!

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