Feb 10
HLJ : Luke

An awesome advance sample of Active Gear Iron Man Mk. 6 grabs the spotlight in this episode of Toy Tengoku! Ardith and Robin also check out the Riobot Evangelion-01 and the Foodroid, uh, Horuwankov.

Items featured in this video:

Art Spirits 1/9 Active Gear Collection Iron Man Mk. 6
Sentinel Riobot Creation Evangelion-01 Test Type
Bandai Kamen Rider Fourze Foodroid #4 Horuwankov


  1. I love the Eva series too. I love each Eva almost equally.
    I even went back to get the revoltech Eva-05 (Wing ver).

    A few Eva-01 came and go in my life time ;-;

    Have you seen the rebuild movies? I quite like the direction where they’re taking it to. Visually, it is spectacular.

    That Riobot Eva-01 is very very tempting. My Eva’s 01s are all shaky now!


  2. Correction, the non wing ver of Eva-05 because it had the damage parts and the weapons 🙂

    Figures are starting to outweight my Gunpla ^^;

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