Feb 1
HLJ : Luke

In this episode of Toy Tengoku, Ardith and Robin bring you the poop on two great new figures. One of ’em even comes with poop!

Items featured in this video:

Fewture EX Gohkin DX Arale-chan
MegaHouse G.E.M. Lelouch vi Britannia


  1. Another nifty episode! Keep up the great work! Loved it when Arale-chan’s face was removed…reminded me of a fembot from The Bionic Woman! And I agree the Lelouch vi Britannia figure was a really good sculpt. I really like it when a stationary figure is made to look like it’s in motion, and MegaHouse does a nice job of that.

    Looking forward to what shows up in the next episode!

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