Nov 9
HLJ : Luke

It’s Toy Liberation Day at Toy Tengoku! In this episode, Ardith and Robin set free a Bandai Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya and a Yamato vmf50 Original Concept Girl Ami from their boxes for an up-close look at these coveted items.

Items featured in this video:

– Bandai Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya
– Yamato vmf50 Original Concept Image Girl #5 Ami 50cm
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic Wig Semi Long Straight Light Brown
– Cuties 1/4 50cm One-Piece Swimsuit Deep Blue



  1. As a collector of completed models (mostly figures), I’m quite enjoying Toy Tengoku. Please keep up the good work (liking the humour) and I’m looking forward to seeing future episodes.

    Will definitely be tuning in to Toy Tengoku #3. Cheers.

  2. So many great kits in hlj i wish i have money to buy but.. Nahhh but i enjoyed this episode.

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