Jan 25
Ryan Gunpla TV

Join Robin and Ardith as GoodSmile’s gorgeous Ultimate Madoka figure makes a light landing in this week’s episode of Toy Tengoku!

Items featured in this video:

1/8 Ultimate Madoka PVC by Good Smile Company



  1. A great start to the new year.

    I’m not a follower of PMMM, but the GSM Ultimate Madoka figure highlighted this episode is very nice, indeed! Typical of GSM, they’ve done a great job in producing a figure with such fine detail, both in sculpted form and colour application. The many layers of her flowing dress, the hair, the staffs and arrows…all well done. The stand caught my eye too, looking almost like a piece of glass. Also the colour blend from the stand into her dress. I think Robin’s use of the word “beautiful” aptly describes this figure.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes up next episode, and also to the results of the contest.

  2. Will you be posting all the entries at the end? I would love to see the great works! 😀

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