Apr 14

An amazing 1/35-scale X-Wing in a very cool Yavin IV Rebel Base diorama setting, tooled by the Star Wars maniacs at Fine Molds for sale and distribution by Kotobukiya!

Made of ABS and PVC materials, the full diorama is packaged in six separate boxes in the configurations illustrated below, all available in a single, full-set “master box” through HLJ (the six individual boxes are not sold separately via HLJ). The master box is a very classy gloss black box with a suitcase-like handle. The diorama is prepainted and mostly assembled, and is ready to snap together (no glue needed). Some parts need to be cut from the sprues. And did you see the interior components in that X-Wing? Zoiks! It’s not cheap, but it’s huge and incredibly detailed…it’s a 1/35 X-Wing!




  1. awesome detailed diorama

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